As a proudly South African company we are committed to sourcing as many of our products from the South African market as possible. It is important to the United Charter Services team that we support local business and help to grow this burgeoning informal economy. It is an equally important goal for us to showcase the talents of the local communities while exposing you to new and delicious items.  

Of course we aren’t willing to sacrifice quality in order to help build a sustainable economic environment, so the hunt for items to fill not only our snack packs but also our vanity packs with high-end, quality, luxurious, South African products, was on! We weren’t disappointed. Our country is filled with boutique artisanal products that are sure to delight the palate, as well as the beauty regimen. 

Luxury Travel. Experience the glamour and indulgence of having every detail taken care of by your professional charter team. Luxury air travel like you have never experienced! 

On any of our flights, you can expect to be pampered with organic, local only ingredient, body butters, moisturisers, soaps and cleansers. Our facial, bath and body products vary in make, but all have one central tenet as a guide for our procurement department. They must be of the highest quality. To date we have included products from Charlotte Rhys, Africology, The Beauty Factory and Mies, to name a few. We vary our products based on who is flying with us, and what we believe their needs will be, keeping the basics of luxury and quality at the heart of our gorgeous amenity packs. 

But what do you do when you have sourced some of the finest locally produced items to include on South Africa’s favourite charter aircraft? What do you put all these gorgeous items in? It is a testament to the team at United Charter Services, an indication that no detail is so small it can be overlooked, that even the bags themselves for the amenity kits are 100% locally produced, quality productions. Every pack is carefully placed into a gorgeous bag made of locally produced fabrics so that our guests may take them home to enjoy long after their flight experience has come to an end. 

We are absolutely delighted to introduce you to some South African favourites, as well as some new, previously undiscovered treasures that we know will linger with you long after they are finished. Our amenity packs include Safari Kits, Over Night Kits and Day Kits.

United Charter Services loves to spoil our clients!

We are proud to introduce you to some of our valued service providers.


Based on the healing properties of Africa’s naturally occurring flora, this range of body and bath products is eco-friendly, 100% natural and aims to ensure that the body and the biology are treated in perfect harmony. With an ideology of authenticity at the root of the product development, Africology uses all natural ingredients that are identical to your body’s biology. This ensures that your naturally occurring healing properties are boosted, leaving a natural glow. United Charter Services has chosen to work with Africology to provide us with their luxury range, as we support their ethos of beauty with humanity, humanity above profit and ecological responsibility. 

Pepper tree

Pepper Tree began in 2010, and has quickly developed into one of the leading bag brands in SA, with an eye on the international market. Currently supplying 170 shops as well as exporting to Denmark, Dubai, London and Australia, Pepper Tree sources the finest leathers and fabrics in South Africa. They hand cut patterns and then allocate them to one of the seamstresses that make up their team. With an emphasis on quality in every stitch, we welcome Pepper Tree to our valued list of suppliers.

Charlotte Rhys 

It is impossible to open a Charlotte Rhys product and not be transported to a more elegant time. One with a large white linen tent, and a smoky African sunset, as a backdrop. One where the fragile smell of a delicate flower wafts along the breeze, and insinuates itself into your senses. It is for this reason that Charlotte Rhys was an inevitable product choice for United Charter Services. This elegant, luxury brand designed to compete with the best luxury bath and body brands in the world, has its home and manufacturing base in the fair city of Cape Town. Just as important as the quality, United Charter Services is attracted to the cornerstones of Charlotte Rhys ethos as a business. Sustainability, efficacy and Fair Trade among others. 


The delectable body products from this divine store will have you salivating. Their first real body product was a brown sugar scrub, and since inception this amazing brand has gone from strength to strength without losing their personal touch. Named for its founder, MIES uses local ingredients (which include olive oils, sugars, essential oils and seeds) which are combined to make body pampering products to delight all the senses and still do what the packaging promises! And talking of packaging… the MIES range has some of the most South African packaging around. Beautiful and aesthetically pleasing while protecting their fragile contents, we are delighted to be including the MIES range in some of our amenity packs.


We are delighted to include hand-knitted Spaza Posh Face Cloths to some of our amenity bags. With gentle exfoliation properties to brighten you up after a long flight, these thick cotton face cloths are designed for longevity and are produced by local craftsmen and women. 

We not only love these luxurious cloths (and what they do for our skin!), but we are humbled by the philosophy of Spaza and the wonderful work they do to ensure training and skills development in previously disadvantaged areas. Their range is wide and includes everything from a Posh Home Tea Towel to hand printed oven mitts and impossibly elegant aprons. 

Of course while what goes on our bodies is important, sometimes it’s lovely to have a little spoil to go in our bodies as well. 

United Charter Services have sourced some of the most delicious comestibles for you to munch on while enjoying your flight. Every box comes with artisanal, handmade products that have been selected for your enjoyment. We offer gluten and sugar free boxes as well. Get to know some of our delicious suppliers.


Toni Glass

You have never had tea like this! The Toni Glass Collection comprises of hand-picked teas from all over the world. Enjoyed as either a loose-leaf tea or in the specially designed triangular, silken bag, there is sophistication to this collection which makes each cup an experience. The flavoured teas have something unique to offer each palate and the range is extensive ensuring an unparalleled tea drinking experience. The packaging is unique and colourful and just begs to be carefully opened and explored.

Honest Chocolate

“We believe in keeping things hand-crafted, using quality raw and organically produced ingredients and making a pure dark chocolate that has a deliciously distinct feel and taste,” Anthony and Michael from Honest Chocolate. Dairy and sugar free, this uniquely delicious chocolate is made in Cape Town using raw, organic, responsibly sourced, Ecuadorian cacao. Hand tempered, traditional chocolate making techniques are employed in the making of these treats and everything from the initial work to the wrapping (in recycled paper of course) of the finished products is done by hand.  

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