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At Owenair, we know that owning an aircraft should be a pleasure not a burden. Our vast experience in managing complex operations and aircraft ownership allows our clients to enjoy the incomparable feeling of owning an aircraft – without any of the paper work. You do the flying, we’ll take care of the rest.

Aircraft management as easy as A,B,C…

All Owenair clients enjoy unsurpassed VIP treatment. A dedicated customer service specialist, available 24/7, provides a single point of contact, to ensure personalised service with an individual who knows your preferences. Our monthly financial reports on the cost of the aircraft operation, provide you with detailed data that is completely transparent, including all supporting cost documentation. The secure 24/7 dispatch service that we offer allows you to get airborne at short notice – offering you the flexibilty you may require.

Owenair saves you time and money. 

We manage every aspect of aircraft ownership, including: maintenance, air crew, training, insurance, fuel contracts and trip planning, therefore minimizing downtime and ensuring the highest despatch rates.

Under our bespoke aircraft asset management program, your aircraft is maintained at its peak performance level. All aircraft are checked, in both annual as well as ad-hoc audits, conducted by our CAA approved quality and safety department. You can be confident that your aircraft is flying within its peak performance and safety levels. We take safety seriously – evidenced by our accident free safety record. Every aircraft that we place on our certificate has passed a rigorous conformity qualification process. Once a part of our fleet, your aircraft is maintained to international aviation standards.

We offer two management solutions for your aircraft:

1. The 3rd party charter management program: you continue to maintain the operation of your aircraft,  while we procure 3rd party charter opportunities on your behalf by placing your aircraft on the Owenair Aircraft Operating Certificate – for unutilised time on your aircraft. 

2. The full Owenair aircraft management program: we take care of all the day-to-day responsibilities and management of your aircraft. Owenair will procure income producing 3rd party charters as required by you. The Owenair team includes technical experts specialising in fleet maintenance, ground and flight operations, aircraft insurance and accounting, all working together harmoniously, ensuring that you get the best price and most efficient point of service.


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