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Fly when you want, wherever in the world you want, on a superior fleet of new generation jets.


United Charter Services is proud to be a leading brand on the African continent, having flown an extensive number of global Government Officials, Ministers, State Presidents, Celebrities, Mining Executives and Corporate Executives to almost every corner of Africa, Europe, China and the United States of America.

With a firm focus on simplifying complex travel needs, and a belief in offering services to suit all of our passengers, United Charter Services can provide solutions that range from light aircraft and helicopter transfers to global air cargo and executive travel. Our extensive fleet ensures that we can accommodate all your needs irrespective of where you may be based. Our flexible scheduling and personalised service will ensure that whether you are flying for business or pleasure, your experience will be effortless and relaxed.

United Charter has access to an unparalleled fleet of aircraft, including modern wide-bodied, luxury jets from the Falcon, Challenger and Gulfstream series, all with intercontinental capability and customized seating for up to 15 passengers. For larger parties, specific long-range airliners such as the V.I.P. Boeings and Airbus aircraft, specially configured for between 25 and 100 passengers, are also available for charter.

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VIP Airliners

VIP airliners offer the highest standards of comfort, luxury, and diversity of amenities. Championed by world famous offerings like the Boeing Business Jet, VIP airliners truly offer you a home or office in the sky. With ample space for passengers, luggage, and even cargo, these airliners are the optimal choice for those who want to travel long distances in luxurious comfort, without concern for aircraft limitations..


Airliners are designed for large groups of passengers, and/or large cargo transportation. Passenger capacity can range from 30 passengers to upward of 500 passengers, depending on the particular aircraft chosen. Ideally suited for domestic and regional travel, the airliners generally need to operate into and out of larger airports.


Business jets can be chosen to meet diverse requirements. Business jets are the optimal choice for fast luxury transport – short, medium or long range. Business jets are available with various performance attributes and passenger capacities.


Turboprop (turbine propeller engined) aircraft are not quite as cost-effective to operate as piston engined aircraft, but can provide greater average range, speed, and comfort, than piston aircraft. Turboprops can maintain speeds of up to 450 km/h and typically have a range of some 1800 km. Turboprops are cheaper to operate than jets and are commonly used for short to medium distance flights – with the added advantage of being able to take off and land using virtually any airport runway (including grass or sand).


Helicopters (selectable from a wide variety of models) allow short to medium distance flights. They are useful where landing strips are not available. Helicopters can be reconfigured to serve diverse missions. Our helicopters are often called upon to provide VIP  transport for executives travelling city to city. They can also perform cargo missions, medical evacuation flights, and offer versatile passenger transport.

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