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Just as passengers are vital to us, cargo is no less important. We handle your goods with the utmost care – as if they were our own! Our cargo specialists analyse your particular requirements to generate an optimal solution – matching route, payload, time frames, costing factors. The most suitable aircraft available is recommended, from a light aircraft to the huge Antonov 225.

United Charter believes that every charter is unique and must be

Using an unparalleled database of both material assets and knowledge, we provide follow-up and ancillary services. Special handling, overflight permits, aircraft supervision and up-to-the-minute monitoring ensure that the entire process runs smoothly. A full range of cargo aircraft is available to carry anything from a few kilograms to 100 tons (or more). All on time and at extremely good rates! 

Our strength in cargo charters is our highly customized approach – providing service that is impeccably matched to your individual needs.


United Charter is highly experienced in providing aircraft logistics for urgent last minute cargo that must “Go Now!”. United Charter will mobilise to meet your needs – whether this is a part urgently required for a machine or any other urgent items.

Call us first for any last minute urgent Go-Now Cargo requirements.

Simply fill in the enquiry form below with your requirements and click the ‘Submit’ button. We will come back to you as soon as possible with the best flight and cost options for your cargo. All costs associated with your charter are included in the upfront quotation.

If your expected take off time is less than 8 hours away, please call our 24 hour hotline on: +27 11 788 0813 for immediate assistance!

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