Purchase & Import Services

Import Services and Aircraft Parts

Have you found your dream aircraft but need assistance to import it to South Africa?

United Aircraft Sales offers an efficient, cost effective, turnkey, aircraft importation service to assist you in acquiring and importing your dream aircraft! We hold all the necessary licenses and banking structures required so you do not have to deal with all the red tape and approvals required. Once your aircraft is purchased, we immediately commence the transport logistics plan and pre-clear the aircraft for arrival with customs, expediting the arrival and import of your aircraft. Our import service extends to incorporate many additional value added services, which include:

  • Purchase Documentation (Offer Letters / Aircraft Purchase and Sale Agreements)
  • Contract negotiation between Buyer and Seller
  • Arrangement and Coordination of Pre-Purchase Inspections and test flights
  • Negotiation of purchase price and terms
  • Delivery transport logistics and favourable transport insurance terms
  • SARS Customs Import clearance and export at origin
  • Re-registration of aircraft onto the South African Civil Aviation Aircraft Register
  • Import Certificate of Airworthiness
  • Liaison with the South African Civil Aviation Authority

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you seamlessly acquire and import your dream aircraft.

Aircraft Parts and Avionics Procurement Services
Is your aircraft grounded? In need of a replacement part ASAP? Are you unhappy with the cost estimate for the part you require?

United Aircraft Parts manage a wide range of business aircraft and have over the years provided a proven, fast track, aircraft parts and avionics acquisition service, saving our clients not only time waiting for replacement parts, but also millions of Rands. Our network of trusted and approved aircraft parts suppliers provide us not only with exceptional pricing and acquisition options, but a fast track delivery service. Parts sourced from our international suppliers can be delivered and installed into your aircraft within three days of payment! All parts sourced are pre-checked for the required airworthiness certificates and are delivered directly to your preferred aircraft maintenance organisation with all legal and required documentation.

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