JetSet Travel Card

A VIP Loyalty Programme


The United Charter JetSet Card is a bespoke block hour programme with a difference. By purchasing a block of flying hours in advance, you join the United Charter JetSet loyalty program.

Our VIP JetSet cardholders are afforded total travel freedom and gain the benefit of special privileges including;

  • No ownership or maintenance costs
  • No hidden charges
  • No management fees
  • No multi-year commitments
  • Credit that never expires
  • Refunds on unused flight time

How does the JetSet card work?

Members purchase in advance a block of flying hours, and can choose to purchase additional hours according to their needs. You decide whether the 20hr entry level suits you, or whether you need to purchase additional hours.

The benefits

You purchase the number of hours you want and then use those hours as and when you want. We simply deduct the used hours from your credit balance at the agreed fixed hourly rates. Our JetSet card allows for pre-paid flight time, ensuring easy management of budgets and flexibility of destinations and timing, while protecting you against fuel price fluctuations.

Total travel freedom

Fly when you want, wherever in the world you want, on a superior fleet of new generation jets
We guarantee to provide aircraft within your chosen category or upgrade you to a superior cabin size, at no additional cost to you.
We offer transparent pricing with no hidden fees and no charges for aircraft positioning within the African & European flight areas.
There is no expiry on the hours purchased, and refunds will be made on remaining balances if the client so chooses.
United Charter JetSet card members, gain the advantage of fixing costs, in advance, at a reduced rate. A savings of between 10% and 15% for all card members.
United Charter Services will fly you to the destination of your choice, when it suits you. Convenience has never been easier.
With the ability to have you in the air less than three hours after your booking, United Charter Services comes with a pedigree of service excellence and smooth operations.

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