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United Charter Services is proud to be a leading brand on the African continent, having flown an extensive number of global Government Officials, Ministers, State Presidents, Celebrities, Mining Executives and Corporate Executives to almost every corner of Africa, Europe, China and the United States of America.

Our mission is to provide an unparalleled aviation experience from the booking of your flight to your arrival at your destination. All our systems, staff and aircraft are designed with this one goal in mind. 

With a firm focus on simplifying complex travel needs, and a belief in offering services to suit all of our passengers, United Charter Services can provide solutions that range from light aircraft and helicopter transfers to global air cargo and executive travel. 

Our extensive fleet ensures that we can accommodate all your needs irrespective of where you may be based. Our flexible scheduling and personalised service will ensure that whether you are flying for business or pleasure, your experience will be effortless and relaxed.

24/7 Service Excellence

Passion for aviation and commitment to service excellence have been an inherent part of United Charter Services since it was founded by professional pilot Jonathan Wolpe, in 2002. Jonathan’s vision was to develop a premium charter service to provide a quality aviation experience for clients both locally and abroad. Over the years we have experienced exponential growth allowing us to invest in a larger range of aircraft ranging from twin piston to turboprops and, more significantly, various executive jets as well as long haul airliners. This coupled with our ability to offer multiple routes, means more options for our clients, and a better, more personal experience.

United Charter Services specialises in complex and time critical travel solutions. 

Our charter services extend to; Presidential and Government Officials, VIP’S and Celebrities, Corporate Clients, Diplomatic Flights, Crew Rotations, Leisure Charter, Incentive Travel, Scenic Flights, Film Work and Cargo. Our Aircraft are available worldwide.

Fly United

Every detail of your flight is taken care of by our knowledgeable and professional charter team. From your booking to your departure, throughout the flight, and finally arrival at your chosen destination. Our extensive fleet of aircrafts are available at competitive prices and are capable of managing any size/range flight or cargo requirement you may have.

Experience flight as you never have before with United Charter Services. Our dedicated staff will ensure that your experience is as unique as you are. Flexible scheduling, luxurious lounges and aircraft as well as personalised attention and budget options allow you to design your travel to your own specifications. No longer limited by traditional schedules of stops, where would you go today?


The Difference Is… We Are UNITED

Jonathan Wolpe


Passion is the seed that leads to dedication and excellence. 

Jonathan Wolpe found his passion at a very early age, and has spent every waking moment since then dedicating himself to that passion; aviation. For Jonathan there was never any other option but to pursue a career in the aviation industry and in February 2000, Jonathan cut the ribbon on United Charter Services. A qualified pilot, Jonathan, fully understands both the technical and business aspects of running a successful aircraft charter and management company, and has put that knowledge to excellent use growing United Charter Company into a multi-dimensional company offering varied services from executive and VIP transport to cargo transport and aircraft management services. 

As one of the youngest CEO’s of an airline Charter company, Jonathan is enthusiastic about the future of United Charter Services. “We believe in excellence. Whether it’s our aircraft, our people or our service, excellence has been inculcated into every fibre of our operation. It is for this reason alone that we are the trusted aviation partners to so many individuals, companies, governments and even air-ambulance service providers. For us excellence isn’t just a word on a wall. It’s the attention to detail for every flight. It’s our position of never compromising on safety. It’s the small things that make our guests comfortable on our flights. In fact it’s the entire United Charter service experience”.

Dave Howarth

Managing Director

Our Managing Director has worn many caps in his career. 

Pilot, instructor, Group Chief Pilot; these are just a few. To our team Dave is one of the leaders of a high performing aviation company, that is blazing a path of success across the globe. 

Dave has prodigious experience in the aviation industry, having filled most roles at one time or another. This has given him an holistic view of managing an enormously complex machine such as United Charter Services, and has been the basis for many of the exciting expansion strategies for the group. 

Dave’s obvious care for his team and his absolute commitment to each and every brand under the United Charter Services umbrella is evident in every interaction he has with employees, our service providers and each guest. 

Says Dave “It’s unique – to have this level of experience and dedication to excellence in an aviation company. Combine that experience with the drive and passion of our CEO and you have a landscape that all but eliminates the competition. I am exceptionally proud of what we do on a daily basis, and although it’s outstanding, we will continue to strive for a level of service and excellence that surpasses any experience our guests may have had before.”


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