Maverick, United Charter Services  200+ page, larger than life, luxury fashion, travel and lifestyle publication is aimed at high-end world travellers. Released in both hard and softcover, on a bi-annual basis, Maverick is widely distributed in South Africa, Dubai & Europe.

Maverick magazine is the lovechild of fashion, wit, lifestyle, intelligence and decadence.

The intent behind Maverick has always been to allude to a life best lived, while being entertaining and a little tongue in cheek. This has meant choreographing some of the most exciting existing, as well as up-and-coming names across the fashion, photography and writing worlds to produce a magazine of superlative depth and beauty.

Maverick is often referred to as ‘The Book’, because even though it is intended as a magazine, it is a 200+ page, glossy, hard cover production and is supported by an industry leading marketing campaign.



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