Maverick, United Charter Services  200+ page, larger than life, luxury fashion, travel and lifestyle publication is aimed at high-end world travellers. Released in both hard and softcover, on a bi-annual basis, Maverick is widely distributed in South Africa, Dubai & Europe.

The Magazine

Just as with the rest of United Charter Services, there is a glossy luxury and sense of deep satisfaction in opening a Maverick for the first time. The inherent ethos of exceptional editorial and extraordinary design is what differentiates Maverick from any other magazine for the luxury market. 

It is for this reason that United Maverick is released just twice a year, as we believe it takes time and dedication to produce something of worth and quality. Maverick is designed with posterity in mind, so that every single issue is a timeless inspiration to the reader. 

Our Design

Every issue of United Maverick is approached with courage and commitment to quality excellence. There is studied intent behind the layout, conceptualisation and design aesthetic of every single page of Maverick and it this that differentiates Maverick for our exceptionally selective readers. 

Team Maverick

The core Maverick team has extensive editorial and creative experience as well as strongly held beliefs in treading the fine line of business and entertainment, as well as form and function. We believe that our multifaceted world increasingly demands deliberate and careful decisions, and this underpins our belief that a small core of individuals, augmented by award winning writers and creative teams will combine to bring you a magazine of unparalleled worth.   

Our Circulation

Find Maverick 

…in United Charter Service’s aircraft and VIP airport lounges.

…in the homes of our influential charter clients.

…in the hands of corporate travel agencies and multinational corporations.

…in five star hotels and exclusive Boutique Hotels around the world.

… delivered to the top 200 CEO’s in SA, and nominated international leaders. 

Average circulation: 5,000

Average readership: 15,000

Frequency: BI-annual

(also available online)

Advertising Enquiries

Jonathan Wolpe
M: +083 270 8886

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